~Prices effective September 1, 2023
~Prices may vary according to size and condition of specimen.
~All pedestal mounts, add 40% to shoulder mount price.
~Wall pedestals are 25% more than shoulder mount price.
~Front-half mounts are 70% of the life size price.
~A $150 charge added for open mouth poses.
~Detached antlers start at $150 per side.
~Custom bases and custom habitat available for additional fee.
~Crating and shipping available upon request.
~All tags and licenses required.
-All prices subject to change without notice

A 50 % deposit is required on all taxidermy work, based on standard listed price.  This does not include any charges for custom work, bases, habitat, crates, or shipping.  All taxidermy work will be paid in full upon completion.
Our studio has no control over the condition or care of specimen prior to receiving it.  Many things have a determining factor on the finished piece.  This includes, primeness of specimen, care of skin and trophy in the field, and time of year.  For these reasons, we cannot offer any guarantee or assume any responsibility for the tanning of any hide. 
If, upon completion of a mount, it is not picked up within 30 days, or other arrangements made at time of notice, the mount becomes the property of Tim Wagner Taxidermy and may be sold.

Birds pricelist  2022 Birds_Pricelist.pdf
North American Species 2022 north american price list.pdf
African / Exotic Pricelist 2022 African price list.pdf

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